Terms of Delivery and Return

Your orders will be delivered within 3 business days from the date when bank confirmation is received (Monday to Friday). Delivery periods of specially manufactured products vary depending on the manufacturing time. Delivery details of such products will be forwarded to your party once the order has been received. In case of any problem attributable to our party, you will be notified via the contact details that you provide for membership. For this reason, your membership details must be complete and accurate. No delivery is performed on religious / national holidays and weekends. The website allows multiple users to do shopping at the same time. The same product may be purchased by multiple consumers, though rarely, in which case the product becomes out of stock. If you have already paid for the product online but the product is out of stock, the delivery of the product will be performed after a waiting period of minimum 4 (four) and maximum 30 (thirty) days. If the product cannot be delivered to the consumer within such period, the consumer will be entitled with refund.