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Your personal details (name, nickname, e-mail address, mail address, your purchases, etc.) will in no way be disclosed to other natural or legal entities but may solely be used for your maximum benefit from Your information is protected by the system in which the database is stored. Details of the credit card used during shopping are subject to 256-bit encryption, independently of the website. Such details cannot be viewed by us as they directly pass through servers of banks. Shopping may be continued if the card is confirmed to be valid. As no information about the card can be viewed or saved by the site, third parties will be prevented from displaying and capturing the information in any way whatsoever. reserves the right to analyze and interpret general user information, except for personal details, with a view to increase efficiency of its services and maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level and to share them with distinguished business partners. Additionally, upon approval by users, such information may be used by and its business partners for product updates, discount announcements and special offers. You are solely authorized to have access to and change all information that you provide when subscribing as a member. No other person can have access to or change your personal information. You can unsubscribe whenever you want. You will not be asked for any membership fee refund when unsubscribing. After unsubscribing, all information of the user will be deleted and such information may in no way be used by or business partners except upon the user's personal request.