Stefan Schweigert Prof.Pierre Martens Selim Aykal Marion Reinhard
Solo Bassoon Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra Solo Bassoon Bamber Symphony Orchestra and Lubeck MHS
Solo Bassoon Deutsche Oper Berlin Teatro alla Scala
I like the cane of Lavoro and I advise this cane with all my heart. You can have a flexible and round tone with this cane. My preference is turkish cane “Lavoro". It offers me something that is wonderful find good sound quality, flexibility and durability. I can play anything I want with this product. Briefly, a product that meets all my expectations and has earned my trust. I can only say good things about what Lavoro reeds. A great sound and especially what every bassoonist must have, the color of the sound ! I wish you all a lot of fun with lavoro Reeds. The cane of Lavoro reeds is a cane of excellent quality, which allows you to make a reed with perfect vibration, with the flexibility to play everything from orchestra to chamber music or solo performance. I can only recommend it warmly.
Tolga Alpay Zeynep Köylüoğlu Mark Seerup Sefa Erşahin
Solo Bassoon İzmir State Symphony Orchestra Solo Bassoon Deutsche Radio Philharmonie Principal Bassoon Ankara State Opera and Ballet Orchester
I have been playing the basson since 35 years and I have been producing basson reeds 25 years. During these long years Ihave tried many kind of brands and cane materials.Finnally Lavoro Canes give me optimal sound of basson which ihave been searching for. Lavoro canes provide me great satisfaction on my own playing and also big plesent on my reed customers who are still actively playing at huge orchestras such as Berlin Philharmonic, London Symphony, Bamberg Symphony, La Scala and GewandhausLeipzig and many others as well. Thank you Lavoro Reeds! Lavoro reeds are extremely reliable in terms of both flexibility and durability. it offers different timbre and longevity. It is strongly recommended. The cane I ordered two weeks ago arrived yesterday.It is beautiful and I have already made an excellent reed with it so I will be ordering again very soon.I especially like the lovely golden colour of the cane and the thickness walls of the nice straight tubes.I will share some with my colleagues in Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Boston Symphony. I have been playing solo bassoon at the Ankara State Opera for many years. I used a wide range of reeds. With Lavaro Reeds I can produce the sound I want more easily. To find durable canes for my reeds for opera performances is very crucial. Lavaro Canes are more durable and less affected by weather changes. Thanks Lavaro Reeds for making my life easier.
Matthias Racz Tahsin Arslan Ozan Evruk Jonathan Davies
Principal Bassoon Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich and Bassoon Chair Zurich University of the Arts Solo Bassoon Presidential Symphony Orchestra Solo Bassoon Bilkent Symphony Orchestra Principal Bassoon, London Philharmonic Orchestra
Bassoon Professor, Royal Academy of Music, London
The last years I could make a lot of good experiences with lavoro cane myself and together with my students. I’m playing it regularly and I can highly recommend it. The material is constantly high quality, orders are fast and the correspondence with the company is very friendly. In any case it’s a must to try! 45 yıldır fagot çalıyorum. Şu ana kadar kullandığım kamışlar içerisinde Lavoro Reeds en mükemmel sonuçları aldığım ve her eseri rahatlıkla çalabildiğim bir kamış. Bu ürünü gönül rahatlığıyla tüm meslektaşlarıma tavsiye ederim. I have tried many kind of cane so far. But since I started to play with “Lavoro cane” I can say that is the only reed (cane) I can strongly recommend to my colleagues and students. Because, Lavoro maintains stability in changing weather conditions and durable cane. Lavoro offers you many features, comfortable resonance, tone quality, flexibility and the desired sound color. Healty days to everyone. Since I began using Lavoro cane, reed making has never felt easier. The cane is consistently good and very stable, and I am able to create the sound and colour I require without difficulty, whether playing in a large symphony orchestra or in a smaller ensemble. I highly recommend Lavoro to my students and colleagues.